Natural & Alternative Health Tips – 7 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Health, Wellness & Longevity

Naturally enhancing your health is easier than it may seem. Just a few simple changes in the choices you make can have an enormous impact on your current and future state of health.Keep this in mind – The greatest wealth is health. ~VirgilTip # 1 Drink clean water – and LOTs of it: Just considering the popularity of bottled water, it is no secret that tap water is suspect. Chemical treatments at the water plant, residue of drugs and hormones, run off from industry and agriculture are just a few of the concerns. Look for a home water filter that screens out most of these things. Also consider water dispensers that ionize the water to a more alkaline pH. Half of your body wt. in pounds is the number of ounces of water you should drink in a day!Tip # 2 Stop drinking sodas, black tea and coffee: These drinks are acidic. They make your body expend energy and minerals to neutralize their acidity. They also do not satisfy you body’s need for water. A dehydrated, acidic system is ripe for inflammation, infection and degeneration. BTW most herbal teas are OK.Tip #3 Stop using artificial sweeteners: Nearly all artificial sweeteners have been shown to be neuro toxic in animal experiments. Switch to plain old honey, agave or stevia.Tip #4 Stop using your microwave oven: Many believe that the structure and biological utility of water (the largest component of most foods and your body) is altered by microwaving. In a sense it is “killed”. A simple experiment showed that plants watered with microwaved water withered away quickly, as if they were not watered at all compared to plants receiving water boiled on a stove top.Tip #5 Avoid processed foods: Processed foods have a long shelf life because they are filled with chemical preservatives. They are essentially embalmed. This is what you are taking into your body – lifeless food. Eat fresh, vital foods and enjoy the benefits of a vibrant life.Tip #6 Go Organic: Yes, they are more expensive but they are also full of more vitamins, nutrients, minerals and enzymes. They are also not full of toxic pesticides, herbicides, and a host of other chemicals. They are also not genetically modified.Tip #7 Stop eating toxic fats and oils: This includes hydrogenated oils, canola oil and any other man made oil. Organic butter, cold pressed olive oil and coconut oil are good alternatives. Your cells need healthy fats to make healthy cell membranes. Toxic fats make cell membranes like cellophane. This impairs cell membrane function and cell to cell communication, ultimately provoking impaired organ function.